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ABOUT        Tanza      Tours

Tanza Tours is a company based in Tanzania with its head quarters in Kilimanjaro region in a township called Moshi. It is an African Tanzanian owned company that is open and welcomes people of all cultures from around the whole world. The name Wabantu means people of African origin who speak Bantu native original tone. The name itself introduces the people and the attractions to the whole world for best mind relaxing sites that would make ones vacation the best experience to leave a remarkable memory in ones life. We welcome all people of all nations and all cultures and languages. At Wabantu its all about adventure, music and culture.

Tanza Tours is tailored to quench the thirst of tour and adventure lovers where a perfect mix of tour adventures blended with multi-culture sharing together with fine tuned live music are offered at their best.

Transportation vehicles. Well maintained seven passenger land cruisers, with comfortable seats and ambiance.

  • Vision of Tanza Tours To be the leading tour and adventure operator in and beyond Africa that takes guest’s expectations into the rim of realities for exceptional and remarkable life experience that would leave unforgettable pleasant memories in their minds and hearts.
  • Mission of Tanza Tours Working day and night tailoring adventure packages (sites and accompanying services) through professional and experienced guides while carefully observing pampered handling of guests as well as their safety.
  • Objectives of Tanza Tours
  • Delighting our guests in a very extraordinary way
  • Facilitating convenient tour transportation and accommodation for most comfortable adventures ever experienced.
  • Providing the best and exceptional tour and adventure services

Our Services

Mountain Hiking

This is one of our most loved adventure,We facilitate mountain climbing whereas our guests get the opportunity to climb to the top of the African Giant the Kilimanjaro Mountain;through any chosen route.

Once we receive our guests ; briefing is made to introduce all routes and one is free to choose a route basing on features he/she/they would like to see and experience up through the roof. Mount Meru is another mountain that offers a very beautiful scenery for hiking and can sometimes be used for acclimatization and a preparing ground for the big climb ( Mount Kilimanjaro )

Wildlife visits

Tanza Tours has specialized services that would catch the eyes of guests with extensive experience touring around Ngorongoro crater; Serengeti national park; Tarangire national park(home of elephants); and Manyara national park. Each national park has its own peculiarity that differentiates it from others; however they are all vested with numerous wildlife experiences that are more than capable of surprising one with the fruits of wildlife that mother nature has blessed Tanzania with.

Town trips and socialization

Tanza Tours also facilitates trips around most famous and attractive townships that have the reputation of letting guests enjoying seeing the people and their culture, food, and lifestyles. This allows guests to familiarize themselves with townships ,businesses around and the economy

Guests will be accommodated according to the rank and status of the hotels or lodges they choose by their own liking. All hotels and lodges have been carefully selected, for one to choose which best suits their liking.

The Zanzibar Package

Tanza Tours is more than ready to deliver the Zanzibar package to its guests at a much more affordable price. One is given chance to be surrounded by East African coast waters on an island that is calm and has an opportunity to tour in and around coastal waters while being accompanied by other activities like fishing and being accommodated in best three to five star hotels that would pamper him/her/them to the fullest.

Tanza Tours also facilitates visits to famous historical sites in Tanzania that carry within themselves beautiful tales that are rarely told if the sites had not been visited. Here culture shall be shared accompanied with various other entertainment activities that are best to keep as memories.

Places to Visit

Africa’s sleeping giant. Reputable for being the tallest mountain in Africa and the highest free standing mountain in the world with two extinct cones the Mawenzi and Shira and one dormant cone, the Kibo peak which is speculated to erupt again after the last activity 200 years ago. It is a one stop point where one can experience almost all kinds of ecological systems. Highly reputable for its experience rising majestically above African plains, one is given an opportunity to exceptionally enjoy the 20,000 ft varied features upward and we are sure it would completely be the ultimate mountain trekking experience that one will definitely put into life most astonishing records.

Serengeti National Park is one of the biggest park in Tanzania and most popular in the word due to the great Wilderbeast migrations that happen all the year through from Kogatende Northern Corridor of Serengeti to Masai Mara Kenya Via Mara River.

The Serengeti is rich in the mix of a wide variety of wild animals that are beautiful and full of wonderful features. It really amazes one’s sight and makes the heart merry for its vested beauty.

One of the oldest and reputable habited island that has a very remarkable history in the world. Visit Zanzibar to live the history. Being surrounded by the sea; the island gives our guests the chance to closely see and share waters with aquatic animals. Lots to enjoy while at the island. It’s a must be place to be in one’s lifetime.

An icon of volcanic activity in the northern part of Tanzania (Arusha region). It is a point where wildlife and human beings live together in harmony. Famous for being the largest inactive and intact volcanic caldera in the whole world. A result of a major explosion and collapse about 2 to 3 million years ago, the Crater was officially hailed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa in 2015. Step in and you will want more and more of it.

Saadani National Park where the jungle meets the ocean (Acquatic life summons jungle wildlife to a meeting) A very unique feature to experience and enjoy


This is a forest camp at an altitude of 850m above sea level.One can view from Muheza valley to Indian ocean and experiense the best climate that creates one of the best ambiance in tropical dense forests in the world.

Meserani snake park. A bonus visit to help cool down before departing to town centre for evening rest .

Manyara National park

A narrow strip running between the Gregory Rift wall to the west and Lake Manyara, an alkaline lake, to the east. A place with unforgettable touch to the heart.

Tarangire National park

Land of elephants. Famous to being a motherland of elephants, Tarangire national park is a widely extended land that accommodates a variety of vegetation and a mix of other amazing wild life.

Mount Meru

Found in Arusha region; it is another mountain that has a beautiful scenery and an interesting climate to experience. One can use it to acclimatise for preparation to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a unique mountain that carries in itself more than usual mountain features appealing to mountain lovers.

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